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  • Agricultural Soil Regeneration

  • Organic Microbial Fertilizer

  • Soil Remediation

  • Fire Suppression

  • Reduce Livestock Pollution

  • Livestock P3 Biotic

  • Improved soil, human and animal health.

  • Restores Earth’s depleted ecosystem by returning thousands of microorganisms to Earth.

  • Deploys these microorganisms to convert man-made waste and pollution into humus, which is Earth’s natural fertilizer and essential to life.

  • Protects, restores, and expedites Earth’s natural cycle of life.


Decades of R&D expertise led to identification, characterization and isolation of thousands of strains of microorganisms to thoroughly understand their respective impact on various health and environmental applications.

Gaia Biome 

Gaia Biome products can be applied with any commercially available spray apparatus:

• Small hand-held sprays

• Back packs or small tanks

• Large mixing tanks with mechanical pumping devices

• Vessels with booms / spraying apparatus for wide paths

• Liquid spray devices including crop duster airplanes or helicopters

• Eductor systems from vessels

• Fire trucks

• Any outfitted vehicle

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