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Gaia Biome will transform the way we protect and restore the Earth, using sustainable, natural, organic elements from the Earth, to deliver the most powerful and reliable solutions for the Earth, human and environmental complex problems.


Gaia Biome's mission is to restore human and soil immunity to provide innovative solutions to severally damaged land, water, plants, trees, livestock, to yield healthy, valuable ecosystems as well as solving large scale complex human diseases.


• Wastewater  and Sewage  – Eliminates odor rapidly and converts waste into environment friendly agents which can be used as natural fertilizers and a source of clean water.

• Aquaculture – Fish and shellfish farming, elimination of fish waste and odor, yielding healthier and faster weight gain.

• Fruits and Veggies Applications – Disease treatment and prevention, increased yield, and longer shelf life with less water consumption.

• Chicken Farms and Piggeries – Removes odors, converts waste into humus, faster weight gain and organic high quality meat.

• Soil Bioremediation and Separation of Contaminates – Restores ecosystems.

• Sulfur Contaminated Crude Oil and Coal – Sulfur levels reduce from 12% to less than 500 ppm.

• Crude oil Bunkers – Rapid and efficient elimination of sludge.

• Fire Suppression –  Environment friendly and rapid solution for fire extinction, including jet fuel, gasoline, and explosive fires.

• Wildlife Reserves, Parks and Lawns – Yields healthier more resilient plants, wild grass, trees, shrubs, flowers and etc; coupled with healthier habitats with less water required.

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