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Gaia Bioremediation

GaiaBiome Technology (GBT) offers effective remedies and environmentally friendly solutions to numerous applications across the globe. GaiaBiome's proprietary microorganism-based technology is highly affective against human disease.

Organic Home Garden

GBT involves groups of key microorganisms that work synergistically to transform environmental problems such as soil pollution into humus, which is a natural fertilizer critical to the formation of healthy soil.

GBT restores Earth's depleted ecosystem by returning thousands of microorganisms to Earth.

Our proprietary and novel technology is 100% natural microorganism-based. Our proven technology is scalable and has been applied successfully on commercial and industrial scales for multi-environmental and agricultural uses.

Protect, Restore and Expedite Earth's Natural Cycle of Life

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GaiaBiome will offer 24hr. onsite supervision, training and oversee production along with delivery of Soil Purification Equipment as illustrated above.

GaiaBiome Soil Purification Equipment is a stationary unit developed in the USA, which functions as an effective apparatus for recovery of hydrocarbons found in mud, dirt, or tar sands; more specifically, it mechanically and naturally treats hydrocarbon contaminated particles for recovery of the hydrocarbons and the environmentally acceptable disposal of the particulate matter by utilizing a proprietary and efficient recirculating water stream.

The Soil Purification Equipment is fully automated and includes a closed-loop water system, which holds 8100 imperial gallons of water. The Soil Purification Equipment is designed for a maximum throughput of 80 tons per hour depending on contamination levels.

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