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A bio-organic natural fertilizer that provides plants with all requirements for strengthening root structure and immunity, resulting in optimum growth and development. Our products are designed to restore soil immunity which provides solutions to complex health, environmental and agricultural issues therefore impacting positively the quality of human life coupled with securing the food supply chain.


100% Natural Microorganism Based: Our proprietary and novel technology is natural microorganism-based involving groups of key microorganisms that work synergistically to transform environmental problems such as soil pollution into humus, which is a natural fertilizer critical to the formation of healthy soil.

Easy to Apply: 1 bottle of concentrated GaiaCore makes 300 bottles for use.

Just Mix with water, let sit for 15 mins, then spray onto plants base.

Multi-uses: Use to revive soil to optimum levels before planting, apply directly to plants for larger and healthier plants, that will be less susceptible to plant disease. Apply it to plants, grass, bushes, and trees for enhanced growth and health. Treat backyard fishponds and waterways to reduce odor and improve water quality.

Benefits: Restores Earth's depleted ecosystem by returning thousands of microorganisms to Earth. Larger root system that will require less water use and improved nutrient observation. Superior plant immunity against disease. Fresh and flavorful tasting produce with longer shelf life. Creating a healthier ecosystem free from pollution for plants to thrive.

USDA Certified Biobased Product: Listed by USDA BioPreferred: lab tested resulting in 100% biobased product. Safe for humans, animals, and the environment.

GaiaCore AG (Vegetables)


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